Support & Advocacy Services


We are here to provide support, advocacy, and outreach (education and fight against stigma) for all survivors of sexual violence and/or harassment and their families throughout the United States Department of Defense (DoD). Our advocates patiently and empathetically; listen, believe, support, provide information and referrals, and advocate for all personal, past and present, no matter their status (Active, Retired, Veteran, Dependent, or DoD Civ), religion, race, or gender. 


We are also aware that some Jewish service members have been frustrated with the lack of Rabbinical pastoral care available to them in the military community. Based on this, we have seen fit to provide denominationally specific support for those who are seeking it. While Jewish chaplains are champions for their charges, we recognize that they are not always readily available and are here to provide supplementary support. However, as a point of our faithful mission, we will support and advocate for any service woman that is in need of our assistance without regard of race, religion, or status. 


Furthermore, as a nongovernmental organization we are not bound by the same reporting avenues and requirements, thus your level of confidentiality is complete up to you, from anonymous to helping you coordinate with your chain-of-command or a VA representative respectively. We are a here to be a resource for you and you alone! If you would like to contact our 'support & advocacy’ staff please go to our contact page and we will get in touch with you via the information that you provide. 


Below are some external resources that may be of assistance to you:

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